Kathleen's editorial assistance helped me sharpen my arguments, hone my analysis, and
streamline my ideas. She offered vital insights and suggestions as I developed a professional and publishable academic research project. Over the last couple of years, Kathleen has been an exceptional editor, thought partner, and coach--I feel lucky to have found her.
Tania N. Jabour, PhD
Instructor of Humanities, High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, CA

Working with Kathleen Kish during my dissertation writing was an absolute pleasure.  Kathleen is competent, respectful, and always professional. Her level of professional expertise is evident from the first editing session.
As a retired professor of Spanish Literature, Kathleen was able to understand my thesis topic and was able to capture the thoughts of my writing, making the process manageable.  Kathleen was always available for consultation by telephone and provided quick editing.
Dedicated to her profession and client, she provides the reassurance and moral support that anyone going through a dissertation needs.  I am truly grateful and highly recommend her as an editor.
Elaini Tsoukatos, PhD
Assistant Professor - Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Mt. St. Mary's
University, Emmitsburg, MD

Dr. Kish helped me polish an article I wrote on Juan Manuel’s El Conde Lucanor. I needed her professional advice as a Medievalist and her expertise as editor in many capacities over the years. Dr. Kish helped me improve the punctuation, style, format, organization, and those parts of the content that needed more clarity. I could not have found a better editor for my work.
María Cecilia Ruiz
Associate Professor
Languages, Cultures and Literatures, University of San Diego

The style, force, and engaging appeal of Kathleen Kish’s editorial assistance can enable you to shape, focus, bring out the innate brio, and sharpen the message of your academic draft, article, or book. As an experienced tier-one author, editor, and administrator, she will help you leverage your time and effort to enliven your scholarship so that you can achieve the desired impact for your research. The professional guidance of this highly valued literary critic, teacher, and administrator will jump-start your progress toward excellence and independence as a successful published writer.
Nancy Joe Dyer
Professor Emerita - Department of Hispanic Studies, Texas A&M University

Dr. Kish is a proven scholar with ample experience in research, scholarly writing, and administration. We were privileged to publish her first book in our Series and are glad to see that she has now turned her attention to helping other scholars bring their projects to the best state possible.
Frank A. Domínguez
Professor - Department of Romance Studies, University of North Carolina
Editor of NC Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures

Kathleen Kish is editing my book-length manuscript. She is a first-rate editor and writing coach. I leave our sessions not only understanding much more about the technical aspects of language and style, but also with a better grasp of how to refine my style. My academic writing requires that I incorporate both feminist and post-structuralist theory, yet I am writing for a wide audience. Dr. Kish has deftly helped me transform jargon into clear, direct prose. Her commitment to my project and her dedication to good writing always push me to excellence. She has the ability to improve any academic project.
Mary B. Daniels
Professor - Spanish Program, Centre College

Dr. Kish's editorial experience is vast. My first encounter with it was for the third article I ever wrote and which I had submitted to La corónica while she was editor. Her nimble, expert, and kind editing helped me transform my neophyte article into one which expressed accurately and concisely precisely what I had wanted to express.
Anthony J. Cárdenas-Rotunno
Professor and Chairperson - Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of New Mexico

Kathleen Kish was my first Chair after I came out of graduate school, and she remains by far the best Chair and one of the best colleagues I have ever had. In addition to her superb administrative and leadership skills, she is flat-out smart and always contributed to dialogues and discussions, regardless of the topic. Her forte resided in her ability to support faculty regardless of their field. She was especially good at helping the researcher bring out his/her strengths, contributing ideas yet letting the researcher develop his/her own voice—a special and unique talent indeed. I am thrilled to see that Kathleen is now making her considerable skills available to others.
Sergio Waisman
Professor of Spanish and International Affairs - Affiliated Faculty of Judaic Studies, Department of Romance, German, and Slavic Languages and Literatures
The George Washington University